See All the Custom Rules in the Android App

Applies to: Premium Members using the Parent's App on Android phones or tablets

Article type: Optional customization 

See All Custom Rules

Not sure which Child you created the custom website rule for? Want to change a custom rule it was applied to both your younger and older Child?

On a Parent's Android phone or tablet:

  1. Log into the Family Zone app as a Parent
  2. In Settings, tap Internet filters & rules
  3. Tap Website categories and select Websites
    Any Children in the age group are listed below Websites
  4. Optional, change the filtering
    Tap ADD WEBSITE, see How to Block a Website in the Android App?
    Tap the X to remove the web filter, see How to Remove a Custom Block Rule in the Android App?
    Tap to turn the website on (blue) or off (red)
  5. Tap the Kids' age to switch to a different Child
  6. Tap the age group
  7. As desired, repeat the editing of website rules

You are done. The updates take up to 2 minutes to refresh with your Child's devices connected to the internet.

Internet Filters & Rules Options

As a Parent, you may want to customize our recommended Internet filters and rules for:

  • Web categories (Dating, Education, Government, Hate Speech ...)
  • Search engines, SafeSearch, and streaming media (YouTube, Google, Bing ...)
  • Websites (specific web addresses)
  • Device features (Camera, In-App Purchases, App Installs ...)
  • Alerts and consequences (optional locking devices, parent notifications)
  • Social networks and games (Minecraft Online, Skype, Tinder, Twitter ...)
  • Advanced (Malware, Piracy, New Websites ...)