Block a Website in the Android App

Applies to: Premium Members using the Parent's App on Android phones or tablets

Article type: Optional steps

Add Custom Website Rules

Parents can block Children from accessing a website. All Children in this age group will be prevented from accessing the website on any devices managed by Family Zone.

On the Parent's Android phone or tablet:

  1. Log into the Family Zone app as a Parent
  2. In Family, tap on the Child's name
  3. Move down and tap Internet filters & rules
  4. Tap on the Web categories selector
    Select Websites
    The first time you block a website, click through the instructions
  5. Tap the ADD WEBSITE button
  6. Enter the domain name into the text field
    Do not type the https, www or symbols like ://
    Web addresses usually end in .com, but can end in other characters like .io
    Do not include the extra characters after the web address (the path) like /shop or /?searchresults
  7. Under the web address, tap This profile only and select
    • This profile only  
    • All profiles (all Children, all age profiles)
  8. Tap on one or more of the time of day Routines (Play, School, Study, Sleep)
    Red is blocked
    Blue is allowed (unblocked)
  9. Tap SAVE
  10. At the confirmation message, tap OK

You are done. The changes take up to 2 minutes to sync after the Child's device connects to the internet. 

Internet Filters & Rules Options

As a Parent, you may want to customize our recommended Internet filters and rules for:

  • Web categories (Dating, Education, Government, Hate Speech ...)
  • Search engines, SafeSearch, and streaming media (YouTube, Google, Bing ...)
  • Websites (specific web addresses)
  • Device features (Camera, In-App Purchases, App Installs ...)
  • Alerts and consequences (optional locking devices, parent notifications)
  • Social networks and games (Minecraft Online, Skype, Tinder, Twitter ...)
  • Advanced (Malware, Piracy, New Websites ...)